Travelling On A Shoestring Budget

If you’re like most people you might think that travelling is inherently expensive. Well it doesn’t have to be! There are many strategies that will enable you and your loved ones to travel the world on a budget. The world is saying goodbye to fancy, stuffy vacations and embracing low budget adventures that inspire family bonding, laughter, and memories. There are many elements that make up the perfect shoestring vacation and while they vary from family to family they all begin with finding a cheap flight. So to start off let’s take a closer look at what it takes to book a cheap flight.

When deciding when it’s best to buy your tickets there are two paths you could take. You can either book them far in advance to save money or buy them at the very last minute! It seems strange that both of these strategies result in low cost airline tickets but it’s just the way the market works. If you buy tickets far in advance and avoid buying during peak travel times, like holidays, you’re sure to save a good chunk of change. This is the preferable option for many families as buying airplane tickets last minute doesn’t give families a lot of time to prepare. If you’re a young adventurous couple or just a single person looking to be spontaneous than buying a ticket at the last minute may not be such a bad idea! When booking your flights be sure to use common sense and avoid flights that are marked up due to peak travel times. That’s the main rule of thumb here!

Other then deciding when exactly to pull the trigger and get the tickets you’ll need to choose the perfect destination. There may be many destinations that your family, friends, or loved ones are interested in going to that may not be in budget. Places like Las Vegas, Paris, and even Gatlinburg come to mind. However there are plenty of noteworthy, attraction rich places that offer unique experiences that won’t hurt the wallet. Many low budget travel destinations are teeming with natural wonders, making them the perfect spot for nature loving travellers. Another key component in searching for cheap destinations is the exchange rate. Places like South Africa and Mexico have an exchange rate that’s in the favor of American travellers. There are many countries in South America like Chile and Patagonia that offer unique sights, vibrant food scenes, and low prices. Be sure to pick a cheap destination before booking your flight.

Of course you’ll need to make sure that your ride is in tip-top shape before heading out to the airport. Get everything you need to keep your car running smoothly at Advance Auto Parts. The last thing you need is to start your vacation off by the side of the road before you even reach the airport!

Now that you’ve got your plane tickets and you know you’re headed somewhere with a great exchange rate, a wealth of cheap attractions, and unique natural wonders the next thing you’ll need to save money on is accomodations. Of course a single person or couple will be able to travel far more cheaply than say a family of four but there are ways to get around the typical high accomodation prices. Camping is one of them! Camping is one of the easiest ways to save money and skip high hotel prices. Then again you could always splurge on a nice local hotel.  Taking some of the savings you’ve accumulated from getting a cheap flight and travelling to a cheap destination and putting them into a somewhat luxurious accommodation. Whatever works best for you and your budget!

If you stick with these key components (choosing a cheap destination, booking a cheap flight, and saving on accommodations) you’ll find that travelling doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable!